How does the community benefit from new substations and transmission lines?
These projects help ensure that the growing communities continue to have reliable electric service.

How do you decide exactly where to locate new substations and power lines?
Site selection teams are comprised of engineers, land experts, and other personnel.  This team chooses the best practical site for a substation and route for distribution and/or transmission lines. There are many considerations used in the study when identifying land for a substation. Some of the factors considered include:

  • Community impact
  • Safety
  • Environmental issues
  • Reliability
  • Sound engineering
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Aesthetics
How many property owners will the new lines and substation affect?
We design projects to minimize the impact to property owners when siting new infrastructure. We use existing facilities wherever possible along public rights of way. The company will often place new substations adjacent to an existing transmission line, meaning we have to purchase little if any new right of way. We frequently use vegetation, screening walls and berms to screen substations and minimize the visual impact of the substation to existing neighborhoods.

What are you going to do to ensure the safety of residents, children and pets while the work is ongoing?
During construction of underground distribution lines, no ditches will be left open without proper barricades or covers. We build substations behind a fenced enclosure and post warning signs on our energized equipment. Despite these safety measures, we urge you to caution others, especially children, never to go near electric facilities whether they are under construction or already in service.

What effect will electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from substations or power lines have on the health of residents?
Research by the scientific community over several decades has found no conclusive evidence to indicate the fields from transmission lines, such as these, cause or contribute to adverse health effects. Georgia Power continues to monitor research in this area. If you would like more information, please contact us or review reports from a number of reputable scientific organizations online: How can we find out more information about a project under construction?
This website aims to be a primary source of information for our customers. It is new and we are working to expand the projects listed here. If you have questions about a project that is not listed, you may still inquire by using the email contact link in the gray box on the right side of each page.
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